The Belgian Red Devil Axelle

Eden Hazard may be the best Belgian player in the 2014 FIFA World Cup but there is one person that has captured the imagination of people who watched the games, a 17-year-old fan who came to Brazil to support the Les Rouges Diables. Her name? Axelle Despiegelaere.

Amidst the samba-dancing atmosphere and the canary-yellow-clad crowd of the stadium, she stand out with her classic blonde beauty and radiant smile. Not to mention, the colorful costume she wear when she goes to the games in support of her country. As usual, the camera never ceases to take a picture of her to check out her awe-inspiring look and her sweet smile.

Out from nowhere, she emerged as the most popular personality in the World Cup. In fact, even popular than the team she's supporting. No longer just a face in the crowd, L'Oreal even gave her a modelling contract only to be taken away after a photo of her surfaced showing herself hunting in Africa. Talk about 15 minutes of fame.

While we revel at the beautiful game, we will see more of her.

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Las Chicas Colombianas

Colombia may have been heartbroken that James Rodriguez has failed to outlast host Brazil in the quarterfinals of the 2014 FIFA World Cup but they have the most loyal following the tournament had, not to mention one of the most beautiful female fan base. Colombians were among the most attractive supporters during the tournament including the poster girl of the game: Natalia Betancourt.

Rihanna has a girl-"crush" on her that she even Twitted a Vine video on Ms. Betancourt:

After the cameraman caught her in the crowd during the Brazil-Colombia quarterfinal game, the Internet was in a frenzy tracking her down even better than the CIA and NSA combined. Twitter has finally put a name to this nameless beauty. If you can't resist, try giving a shout out at her on Twitter and Instagram.

What do you think about the most beautiful Colombian fans in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

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Brazilian Beauties

Host Brazil may have lost the 2014 FIFA World Cup, it remains the winner when it comes to the world's most beautiful faces. In the land of samba and futebol, the beautiful game shares the country's abundance of beautiful people. When you scan the crowd at the cavernous Estadio do Maracana or the remote jungle stadium of the Arena Amazonia, you will find young and fresh faces with such beauty that will put a smile on your face.

The reason may be because of the multicultural and multiracial makeup of the country with native Indian tribes and descendants of African slaves, colonial Portuguese, and immigrants from Italy, Germany, Eastern Europe and as far as Japan contributing to what Brazilians look like.

The World Cup has provided us with some fantastic matches, great goals and memorable moments. While we may be glued to the dramatic scenes on the pitch, we are also entertained by the colorful fans on the stands as well.

Even if you don't watch the game live, the cameramen never hesitate to focus their lenses on the beautiful women on the crowd, it doesn't matter if they are bonafide football WAGs or just ordinary women just enjoying the game. In fact, careers and so-called "15 minutes of fame" were made when these women are captured on film and video. Just ask last World Cup's Paraguayan siren Larissa Riquelme and this tournament's sensation Axelle Despiegelaere.

The jubilation of victory and the agony of defeat, Brazilian fans were there to the end!

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Capturing the Beauties in the Crowd

It is so amazing that the cameramen that covered every action of every single FIFA World Cup game have never ceased to miss capturing the beautiful women, the lovely faces and the hottest babes from the crowd. The way they scour every single person and separating the best faces from the noisy crowd away from smelly, drunk men is beyond belief.

These women may be nameless beauties that we may never know but the power of social media has let us to find out who they are. Even better than what the NSA or the CIA has been doing, perhaps more effective than the predator drones who were tasked to search big-time terrorists. Without further ado, here are the best captures of women caught in the act - being beautiful in the beautiful game. These cameramen have the best job in the world if I may say!

A Croatian fan

A Mexican fan

A Greek Fan

Who do you think is the most beautiful between the three?

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